Drake Refuses To Pay Detail’s Medical Bills After Bodyguard Beatdown


Detroit-based producer Detail sued Drake after he got a beatdown by the rapper’s bodyguard, Chubbs and now the Toronto MC is refusing to pay a dime.

In June 2014, Detail arrived at Drake’s estate late one night to work, where he was confronted by his bodyguard Chubbs, who beat him up. Drake claims that the producer knew the dangers of showing up to his home unannounced adding that his security guard was only acting in self defense.

Detail a.k.a Noel Fisher filed a lawsuit against Drake, his company October’s Very Own (OVO SOUND) and his bodyguard Chubbs demanding they pay for his medical bills after allegedly suffering a broken jaw following the confrontation.

Drake replied the lawsuit with a self-defense argument, therefore saying he doesn’t owe Detail a dime even though the producer claims he was so badly hurt he couldn’t work for a year.

Detail says in his suit that the OVO boss offered him a job as an executive producer, but he didn’t want to be tied to one artiste so he rejected the offer, this led to a breakdown in their relationship. But then in June 2014, he was invited by the rapper to his Calabasas home to discuss the idea of working together again.

When he arrived at the home at about 2am, he immediately encountered Chubbs who he says punched him so hard that his jaw broke.


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