I will continue to release songs for Charter House

wale2Take it or leave it, SM gad, Shatta Wale won’t stop talking anytime soon about his VGMA’s disqualification, and any individual will do same.

Imagine you having banging songs like Kakai, Mahama paper, Chop Kiss, Hol’it, Reality…and you have been disqualified for some one or two ‘alloo’ reasons.

Yesterday while performing at the Republic Hall Week celebration in Kumasi. Shatta Wale got emotional because the reaction of the crowd when he dropped his new songs was too much for him to bear that he couldn’t help it but to say that VGMAs nomination or no VGMA nomination, he will continue to release hit songs.

Around 1:54am after performing Mahama paper, he paused briefly and said, “Kumasi I love you so much, thanks for the support, I will continue to release hit songs to tell Charterhouse ‘suck ur moda.’ He ended.

After saying these words to Charterhouse, he performed his Chop Kiss song for 3 consecutive times and ended his performance at exactly 2:04 am.

He crowned his performance by advising the students to learn hard and that they are the future leaders and also to remember to pray as well.


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