Shatta Wale to earn $744,000 every year


After VGMA Snub… Ghana’s finest dancehall shark, Shatta Wale might be on his path to a fat dollar deal of having is popular music “KAKAI” featured in the forthcoming edition of the world’s most patronized video game widely known as Grand Theft Auto.

If this happens; Shatta Wale will for the records be the first African musician from Ghana in the world to have his song feature on the Rock Star GTA $1.2billion worth video game, with over 17trillion players worldwide.

According to a PR executive of Rockstar Game, the co-founder Sam Houser is deeply impressed of the popularity of KAKAI sound track making waves within the African community in the United States and beyond, including topping several dancehall charts globally. For that, he’s yearning for his bureaucrats to confirm giving Kakai by Shatta Wale a slash in the upcoming GTA Auto 6 scheduled to be released hopefully in June 2018.

The song as mentioned will be heard randomly when cars are been picked up by the player or used in club scenes in the video game – Rockstar Source, Paula Reed disclosed in a Skype conversation with me (Monte OZ) on 28th February 2016.

Rockstar CEO, Leslie Benzies, also said in recent interview that “we received more than 45 years’ worth of ideas we want to do and we really don’t know what would GTA 6 be, but we’ve got some interesting ideas.” Proposals will certainly be innovative and unique.


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