Nicki Minaj Shoots Down Fake Stories About Herself and Meek Mill Arguing


Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj’s relationship seemed to be on the rocks yesterday (Feb. 27), after reports surfaced that the two had a big argument over the Philly rapper’s house arrest. Now Nicki has come forward to shoot down those claims.

The Cash Money rapper recently called out the false reporting on the story, originally published by TMZ. “[Shout out] to these fake stories ~ who’s ready for the show tomorrow?,” she wrote on Twitter.

That should yield a sigh of relief from Omeeka fans who must have been clutching their pearls once they got wind of the report Saturday. As previously reported, sources stated the dust up between the couple was caused because Meek wants Nicki to stay with him while he serves out his 90 day in-home stint. But Nicki isn’t willing to just sit around for a full three months. According to the report, this fight was bigger than any of the couple’s past squabbles.

But, for now, it seems as though you can put away your Drake “Back to Back” quips as, according to Nicki, there’s no reason for alarm.

She’s been by Meek’s side throughout his recent legal ordeal. When she went to court with the MMG rapper in December, she even took the stand and testified on his behalf, promising the judge that Meek would do better and she would help him do so.

Meek turns himself in to be fitted for an ankle monitor and starts his house arrest on March 1.


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