Meek Mill Warns DJ Whoo Kid to Back Off


Meek Mill is not happy with DJ Whoo Kid’s jokes. The DJ has been using Instagram to post clips of a video game that features Meek Mill and Drake in a wrestling match. The videos were created using the video game WWE 2K16 and remixed with versions of Meek Mill and Drake.

In the videos, Drake comes out on top with the victory. DJ Whoo Kid apparently found these videos to be hilarious and began posting them on his Instagram account. Once Meek caught wind of this, it didn’t sit well with him and he decided to sound off on Whoo Kid.

“[You] ate dinner with that man [Drake] one time now you going crazy,” Meek Mill wrote in the comments of one of the videos. “Y’all n—as like bitches. Take you out to eat, now [you] sucking his dick! Stop playing wit me DJ Whoo Kid. My last time saying something.”

While many onlookers are surely tired of it, it appears that the Drake versus Meek Mill feud is nowhere close to ending. And now, it’s reeling in people like DJ Whoo Kid for laughing at a comical video about the situation.

Drake recently took another shot at Meek Mill during the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities in Toronto. During an interview with ESPN’s Sage Steele and comedian Kevin Hart, Drake threw a subliminal Meek Mill’s way.

“If we are talking city versus city, it’s been a tough year for you,” Drake said to Kevin Hart, who is from Philadelphia. Steele, Hart and the crowd all reacted with laughter
source: xxl


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