ASAP Rocky Brings ASAP Yams’ Mom to 2016 Grammy Awards


The 2016 Grammy Awards are in full effect right now as the best musicians of every musical genre celebrate the biggest accomplishments of music during the past year. But before the awards show kicked off, the world got a chance to see their favorite artists and entertainers hit the red carpet in their finest attire while being accompanied by their respective guest. One artist who hit the red carpet in a fashionable manner was none other than A$AP Rocky, who dressed swaggy and comfortable from head to toe for the grand occasion.

While Rocky is often celebrated for his fashionable and flashy ways, it was his guest who made the headlines while the rapper walked the red carpet. Accompanied by A$AP Yams’ mother, Tatianna Paulino, Rocky stopped by Shad Moss’ media section to speak with the host and introduce Paulino to fans.

Answering a few of Moss’ questions, Rocky would make the cameras shift to Paulino when he was asked which entertainer he was looking forward to see perform. The Harlem native would put Paulino on the spot as she replied that she was looking forward to seeing The Weeknd perform.



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