Drake Accepts Reggie Miller’s Ping Pong Challenge


Never one to turn down a proper challenge, Drake has added one more event to his NBA All Star Weekend calendar: a ping pong match with Reggie Miller. During Miller’s playing days, the 3-point specialist was known for his chippy play and vocal on-court presence, and in a tweet sent out on Thursday (Feb. 4), Miller called out Drizzy in a very public way.

“Working on my NBA All-Star plans and my peeps say @Drake is a master ping pong player, maybe he’s up for a match,” Miller wrote. The 2016 NBA All Star Weekend will be held in Toronto starting Feb. 12, with Drake, a global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors, serving as a host of sorts. The rapper, seeing Miller’s call-out, responded in kind, flexing a mastery of phrasing and spin. “Master is a bit of a stretch,” he wrote, “But then again you have to stretch before everything works out. So yes Reginald @ReggieMillerTNT… its a go!”

While Drake’s full All Star Weekend involvement is a bit under wraps, he will at the very least be coaching Team Canada opposite Kevin Hart in the Celebrity All-Star Game. Joining the Raptors broadcast earlier this week, Drake said that Air Canada Centre will be electric and however many parties he’s hosting will be a record number. “I look around this building, I just can’t believe this building’s going to turn into the All Star game. First time in another country. Amazing opportunity for us. It’s really just abut the positive energy. The city deserves it,” Drake said while on-air.

Check out Drake and Reggie’s back-and-forth below. We wonder though, if Drizzy will be able to play “Summer Sixteen” all weekend the way the Carolina Panthers played Future while facing the Seahawks?

source: xxl


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