Reggie of ‘Reggie & Bollie’Fame Begs A Female Fan For S£x

A few days ago, it emerged that Reggie – real name Reginald Kojo Ainooson of X-Factor’s ‘Reggie & Bollie’ fame was not much of a faithful and happily married man as he presented himself to British TV viewers.

Reggie was exposed as a cheating husband, who lived a double life, by UK’s Daily Star—when it was revealed that Reggie spent most of November and December bombarding smitten Marie Asemota with lurid messages behind his unsuspecting wife.

Marie, 36, told the newspaper that: “Being a good husband and dad is Reggie N Bollie’s brand but in Reggie’s case it’s a fake.He is living a double life. I thought he liked me but he just used me and then dropped me.”

Marie added that “she and Reggie exchanged more than 500 texts as he shot to fame on The X Factor.”

Now, a phone call Reggie placed to Maria has been published—in which Reggie, the dad-of-three begs the British babe to meet him at hotels around the UK for sex.

And he really wanted it — so “he even told Marie to book a room in the same hotel as him, adding that he would sneak into her bed as they couldn’t use his room due to the fact he was sharing with bandmate Bollie.”

According to Daily Star;

Reggie initially tried to get Marie to a hotel in London on December 16 for a ‘night of passion’.

But when she was unable to make the date the randy star tried again, this time at the swanky Thistle Euston Hotel just two days later.

Again Marie was unable to make the date, but determined to hook up with her, Reggie persisted, this time suggesting Donnington Manor in Seven Oaks on December 21.

The TV star even sent Marie a link to the hotel to book a room online.

However, due to the venue being miles away from her home, Marie declined causing Reggie to “go cold” on her.

She explained: “He said I was his girl and how beautiful I was.

“I really did like him and it was all very genuine.

“He made me feel special and it wasn’t just some sexual fling.

“He was so nice, but then he turned into a complete a*s*h**e.

“He will say it was just texting but he would have met me and had sex if I had gone to all the hotels he tried to get me in.”



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