Nero X’s manager reacts to stealing ‘Aseda’ song


UK based Ghanaian artiste, Charsay, made headlines last week when he said during an interview that the “Aseda” song, by Nero X, was actually his and that he is still waiting for any form of compensation or recognition for his work.

In an interview with Albert, the manager of Nero X, revealed he was aware the management of Charsay wasn’t happy Nero X was performing the Aseda song at events.

“I learnt the management of Charsay was not happy with Nero X performing the song, but from what I know the agreement we have with the management is that it was a song Nero X wrote for Charsay and in terms of promotion, the management also didn’t want the song to fly like other songs, so we thought it wise that since Nero X has a bigger brand in Ghana whereas Charsay is bigger in the UK, we perform the song in Ghana since the song was a good song.

“For the song to reach the peak and get more airplay in Ghana, it was even their management that suggested that we perform the song here after a discussion with them, so we don’t know when they decided otherwise, probably they came to Ghana to promote the song and saw that the song was big and people were contacting Nero X for the song.

“I’ve tried to get in touch with Charsay’s camp but I’ve been unable to get through but he also hasn’t called me officially to let me know what’s going on regarding the whole situation.”



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