T.I. Challenged by Fan to Hat Balancing Competition


Since the early days of his career, T.I. has not only been known as the King of the South, but also as the king of balancing a fitted cap on his head with gravity-defying ease. When you are on top there is always someone trying to come along and steal your crown. Tip was recently challenged to a duel of hat balancing by a random fan on Twitter, and never being on to back down, he accepted.

Twitter user @KriegLaFlare initiated the brim balancing beef calling out the Grand Hustle head honcho with the tweet, “I challenge you to an anti gravity hat off Clifford. You have 24 hours to respond or I am the new King @Tip.” Along with the tweet, the Hodgy Beats look-a-like posted a photo with has hat sitting precariously on his noggin.

A day later T.I. accepted his challenge, scoffing at the audacity of his competition. “How dare he @KriegLaFlare!Like my son startin to golf today&callin out Tiger.Be gone FROM my presence, mere peasant,” he tweeted along with his own hat balancing selfie.

Honestly, @KriegLaFlare might have gotten the better of your royal highness, but we’ll leave that up to y’all to debate.

The Kang might have another little one to teach the way of the levitating brim, as it was recently announced by his wife Tiny that the couple is expecting another child.





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